Monday 15 June 2015

A gap layout!

Today I am sharing a simple layout but using one technique that I love, Gap. You create a gap and then you join the pieces using die cuts.


I only used white card, black, yellow, pink paper and one single die:
660502 Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 2PK - Tribal Borders

I trimmed the white card to the required size, for this case a 6 x 8 layout, my current favourite.
Then I die cut three borders using black paper. I trim the bottom in a straight line and attach the die cut border, then attach the bottom bit. Trim the excess of the bottom, measuring 8" from the top.
Place the photo and then other die cut borders to check on composition.

Once happy, make a mark in the closer to the center to each side. Trim the white paper and attach the die to the bottom and then the top part. Make sure the white card edges line up top to bottom.

Then, I trimmed the top and attach the third border.
To add more detail I added two borders on the right side. I first attached a black card and the over it layer two die cut borders.
I die cut them again out of pink and yellow paper and fill the inside bits.


Finally I wrote on the front (usually I write it on the back) but I thought such it is a s simple layout this would work. I don't like my ugly handwriting, but you know, it is important part of the scrapbooking process!

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