Monday 2 November 2015

Wreath stamped card by Paula Pascual

I love wreath cards. So when I saw this set I decided I wanted to make a wreath card using the circle stamps.

I used:

Plus white card, clear blocks, adhesives and ink pads.

On a white card, I placed a 4" circle and traced around it with a pencil. You can use a cup or any large round object.
Then I stamped three large orange circles in a triangle sort of way. Then I went with the smaller stamps and different colours to randomly fill the areas in between around the penciled line.

(If you would like to see a similar process with step by step photos, you can click here for a previous project.)

Then I added the buttons and brad to fill in any gaps there were.

I stamped the message and then cut in a circle, stapled some ribbon and glued it to the card using foam pads.

I hope you like it!


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